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Area Rug Cleaning Boca Raton

We know you may have spent a pretty penny on that area rug, so when it gets dirty we understand your plight. Area rugs are no different than carpets when it comes to becoming soiled. Do not let a little soil bring you to discarding your beautiful rug! Call in the pros to provide a deep clean for even the dirtiest of area rugs in Boca Raton and surrounding areas.

Residential Spaces

Your home should be a place where clean air and floors surround you. Carpets can cause problems for you if they are left to become soiled. You may have a cat, dog or toddler that knows just how to push your buttons by urinating on your expensive area rug, or spilling grape juice (the toddler, not the dog). We are just a call away, so do not hesitate and click the button below now!



Area Rug Cleaning Methods

The first thing we will do when we arrive is assess your situation. What type of carpet do you have? What is the best method for cleaning? What furniture can be moved? Our professional area rug cleaning experience has seen all types of situations so we know exactly how to handle every one! We even know a thing or two about pets and children, so we will give you the right recommendations for how to keep your family safe during the area rug cleaning process.
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Oriental Rug Cleaning Boca Raton

We know you may have expensive or sentimental oriental rugs. Unfortunately, they too get dirty and need maintenance. We take extra care in handling your prized possessions. We know just the method that works and will protect your rug’s integrity for years to come..

We Know Delicate Area Rug Cleaning in Boca Raton FL

Whether your rug is made of wool or synthetic it is a delicate item. We understand that you’ve probably spent a lot of money on your area rug and would like to keep it looking new. Our area rug cleaning Boca Raton specialists know exactly how to handle each and every rug type. We come prepared with different chemicals and equipment for every individual rug. Some companies may treat each rug the same, but that is not how we operate. Before ever beginning any service on a rug we assess the whole situation. Some rugs are so delicate they cannot be heated to high temperatures. If an inexperienced area rug cleaner in Boca Raton assesses your carpet wrong it could be disastrous. Not only will it cost money to replace the rug that was destroyed, but what if it was a family heirloom? What if it was an oriental rug you brought back from Asia? Was this rug a gift for your wedding?

Since we take area rug cleaning so seriously you can trust us to get it done the first time. Most area rugs are durable, but delicate area rugs require special care. Putting your trust in our brand means everything to us. Without our loyal customers we have no service and we know that. Call us today and mention that you came from our website for 10% discount and quality service.