Marilynn A. Wick bought a derelict theater in 2013 to store her incredible selection of Broadway outfits. She also formed a local theatrical group since she wouldn’t like the 333-seat theater to become wasted. She also opened the Tavern Room, an eatery that bears a resemblance to New York City’s historic Tavern on the Green, an enigmatic landmark eatery unlike any other. 

Also, it features the crystal and amber chandelier that was originally perched at the entrance, along with some of the eatery’s crystals. A tour to this point of interest should be accompanied by the dinner and lunch sold in the area if you want to have the best of experiences.

Previous visitors gushed about the neighborhood theater, praising everything from the excellence of the shows to the excellent Tavern Room fare. Almost every critic felt that the cuisine and the theatrical presentations were both great.

Tours are generally provided every day at 11:00 a.m. and are upon request exclusively (make plans for some bookings). The cheapest tour package is $48 for each individual, which comprises a 3-course lunch. 

Also,  a $75 cocktail tour is obtainable; a $130 concert and dinner option are also obtainable. Individual performance tickets without meals are priced differently. There is lots of free parking available close to the theater.

The Wick Theatre’s purpose is to bring crowds and art enthusiasts to their venue to deliver the best performance in the Boca Raton, Florida area. The Wick Theatre will draw on Costume World’s forty-year history of producing theatrical plays that attract a diverse audience. 

These plays will include the best actors and actresses from New York, Florida, and throughout the country. Costume World Theatrical’s huge and outstanding array of theatrical outfits will also be on display during the shows.

The Wick Theatre will also house the Broadway Collection Museum which offers regular tours of the country’s greatest single cluster of vintage Broadway costumes, memorabilia, or props. The formation of an instructional program to promote and teach young theater pros and prospective theatergoers is a crucial and sensitive aspect of The Wick Theatre’s purpose.

Guests can also buy Wick Theatre tickets to see a live performance. Renowned operas such as Singin’ in the Rain and Beauty & the Beast are performed at the performance art theater. Funny Girl, The Pirates of Penzance, Annie, Always Patsy Cline, Crazy for You, and some other shows are also performed in the theater in some seasons. 

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