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Our local carpet cleaning company Boca Raton FL can offer you the gift of unequaled professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning serviceCall us at (407) 676-7674 for 10% off today. We have over 30 years of experience with carpet and upholstery cleaning in the South Florida area. We provide top notch service. When you’re searching for top cleaning specialists Boca Raton home and business owners can count on, nothing can help you more than recruiting our full-service business, and that fact is as clear as day! We specialize in carpet cleaning locals can brag about and applaud. 

Boca Raton, Florida is a wonderful American community for a host of reasons. It can be a super destination for people who wish to take things slowly and make the most out of their lives. It can be just as swell a destination for people who want to find professional carpet cleaning services for their spaces. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the helm of a business or a household in the laidback city, we are to best carpet cleaners Boca Raton has to offer, period!.


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Why is Halo Carpet Cleaning in South Florida an Award Winning Company?

Halo Carpet Cleaning is proud to say we are a highly ranked and award winning carpet and upholstery cleaning company. How, you ask, did we get this prestigious title? Well, the first part is our customer relationships. From the first phone call or form submission, we use utmost professionalism and courtesy. YOU are our number one priority, always. From that first encounter, all the way to the completion of your job, we put your needs first. If you have any questions, we are there to answer them.

Second, all of our technicians have some of the best experience in the industry. We have cleaned carpets in million-dollar penthouses, where the carpets cost more than a new car. So, in order to take the best care of expensive carpets, we need high-quality equipment. A great quality carpet cleaner knows that carpets are not just one size fits all. We match our equipment to the exact type of carpet or upholstery you have to get the best results. We would never want to see you hire someone that doesn’t tailor the carpet cleaning experience specifically for your needs.

Finally, if there are any issues, we will do whatever necessary to resolve the issue. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority and we wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that. We commit to solve every problem, no matter how long it takes or what we need to do to get it fixed. That is our promise to you.

OK, If Halo Carpet Cleaning is so highly ranked does that mean you are too expensive?

Absolutely not! Our prices are fair and competitive. We also offer periodic discounts, so be on the lookout for those. You can call us for a free quote anytime to see for yourself.

Reasons to invest in RUG cleaning

Our customers have many rock-solid incentives to recruit us for our professional carpet cleaning services Boca Raton FL has to offer. Cleaning your carpet professionally, first of all, can make your space a lot healthier. If you dismiss your carpet’s cleanliness requirements, you may encourage the buildup of dust, debris, dirt and beyond. Encouraging this accumulation may negatively influence the air quality in your space. That’s not a positive thing. If you want to protect yourself from persistent allergic reactions, breathing difficulties and more, then you need to keep your carpet clean and fresh at all times. Sneezing in the presence of soiled carpeting can be a distressing experience. Feeling itchy in the presence of dull and neglected carpeting can be just as undesirable. If you want to make yourself a lot less susceptible to horrible allergic reactions, then you need to keep your carpeting clean. Our technicians can get far down into the fibers of your carpeting. They utilize state of the art carpet cleaning methods and equipment items, too. If you’re passionate about eliminating any and all remnants of pollutants and contaminants, then nothing can help you feel better than our proficient work.

Cleaning carpeting in a thorough and diligent manner isn’t something that all people can do. That’s why it’s always intelligent to recruit our consummate professionals. Our team members are seasoned professional cleaners who know how to take care of the cleaning requirements of all different kinds of carpets. If you try to clean your carpeting yourself, that may take you a lot of time. It may disrupt your schedule with work, errands, family members and friends, too. If you want to keep your schedule free and clear, then you need to zero in on our professional carpet cleaning assistance. Our carpet cleaner Boca Raton team members can give you carpet cleaning service that’s the epitome of efficient and streamlined.

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Services we Provide


We offer carpet cleaning locals can take pride in daily. A family room that looks immaculate and inviting can make you beam any time guests walk inside. If you want your living room in Boca Raton to look immaculate, however, you have to keep your carpeting clean. Carpet that has noticeable stains, awful odors and discoloration in general is hardly inviting. If your carpet is chock-full of pet smells, beverage spills and other imperfections, then your first step needs to be to invest in our professional care. 

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning Carpets
  • Deodorizing
  • Disinfecting
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Pet/People StainsWall to Wall Carpet
  • Area Rug Cleaning Onsite
  • Area Rugs Pick Up and Delivery (deeper type of cleaning
  • Floods/Water Damage


Do you want carpet cleaning in Boca Raton you can admire? Do you want area rug cleaning you can stand by no matter what? Our acclaimed company can cater to you. Our team members clean area rugs that are made of all kinds of materials. They clean rugs that are of all different size groups as well. It doesn’t matter if you want to clean an enormous Persian rug. Or, say, you want to clean a rather compact runner. You can rely on our rug cleaning expertise. You don’t have to worry about the state of your rugs, either.

There are many rugs out there that are particularly delicate and vulnerable to damage. If you leave your rugs in the hands of our trained cleaners, though, you never have to waste even a second agonizing. If you want to get area rug cleaning you and your family can depend on fully, we’re right here. If you want to put your money into rug cleaning you can praise wholeheartedly, we’re still right here.


    Our cleaning power isn’t limited to your flooring. That’s because we also enthusiastically clean upholstery. If you want all of the furniture items in your living room, master bedroom and office to appear and smell amazing, then all you have to do is recruit our cleaning gurus. We’re known for upholstery cleaning you can support completely. If you want to clean the sofa that’s front and center in your living room, we can help you do so. If you want to clean the easy chair that’s in your den right in front of the television and entertainment center, we can help you with that project, too.

    Upholstery cleaning Boca is just as critical as carpet cleaning in Boca Raton Florida. Why is that? Clean upholstery can make your home or place of work look and feel a lot better. It can make it a lot healthier as well. If you brush off the need to clean your sofa, you’re making a massive mistake. Furniture pieces have the ability to collect all sorts of harmful substances that may make your life a lot worse. If you want to do anything to defend your household from allergic reactions and misery in general, then you need to prize hygiene.

    • Silk Cleaning
    • Wool Cleaning
    • Spot Cleaning
    • Silk and wool spot cleaning
    • Steam Cleaning Upholstery
    • Dry Cleaning Delicate Upholstery
    • Drape Cleaning On Site
    • Drape Cleaning pick up and delivery (deeper clean)
    • Mattress Cleaning


      Not everyone has carpet throughout their entire home, and we understand that. We are able to thoroughly clean tile as well! Our tile cleaning experts provide the most professional tile cleaning services Boca Raton has ever seen. 

      We arrive promptly with all materials needed to get the job done thoroughly and completely. Your grout will look like new and it will be sure to change up the appearance of your whole home. Imagine having all your carpets looking fresh, but forgetting about your tile. We think not!

      Tile is a versatile and easy to keep clean, but needs attention every so often. Grout gets dirty and stains set in. Tiles become dull and boring. Let us give your tile a new lease on life and brighten up your home, the way it should be.

          • Flood Damage
          • Water Damage
          • Tile Cleaning
          • Tile Polishing
          • Grout Cleaning
          • Grout Steaming


      Grout is the hardest part to keep up with when it comes to tiles. Especially when it comes to pets or children. Urine and food can discolor or create odor in grout, which is unpleasant for anyone. Imagine having guests come over to see freshly cleaned tiles, but unsightly grout. We are here to help you with all your grout troubles. Our company does not mess around with dirt and grime. We get deep into the grooves and leave your floor sparking. We provide the best grout cleaning services Boca Raton has ever seen. Don’t let another day go by without calling us for all your grout needs! If you need more attention to the rest of your home too, check out our detailed cleaning service.


        Our detailed cleaning service is top notch and highly desired. Along with a thorough floor clean, we also provide a service to get into the deep corners of you home. We can remove dust, cobwebs, mold, dirt, and stubborn stains. Our deep cleaning service is great to prepare for a gathering at your home. or after a party. Call us today to schedule a free estimate.


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        If you want Boca Raton’s greatest and most economical professional cleaning services, it’s time to give our nearby company a call. Contact our amiable staff members as soon as possible to get more information about our carpet, area rug, upholstery, and tile cleaning work. Set up an appointment with our brilliant employees now. Click to call below! If you live in or know anyone in other areas, please contact our sister company: Denton TX Carpet Cleaner for excellent and thorough service. We also partner with Kissimmee Carpet Cleaning, an awesome carpet cleaning company in Bakersfield and carpet cleaning Las Vegas, so be sure to check them out as well!


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