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Carpet CleaningDelray Beach, FL

Our company is excited to be working with you in Delray Beach. Our clients in Delray Beach appreciate that we are on time, courteous, experienced, and come with all our own supplies. If you need carpet cleaning we are the right choice.

Buildup of Mold and Mildew

The humidity in Florida can be brutal and we know that your carpets take the brunt of it. Causes mold and mildew, we all know that. When mold and mildew settle in your carpets they stink. Do you want people coming over your house wondering what that horrible smell is? Do you want your carpets to feel wet and moist? We don’t think so. We also know a thing or two about carpets and cleaning. We also know a thing or two about gravity and pollutants. Did you know that pollutants that are in the air eventually settle on the ground? And the pollutants in your home settle in your carpet fibers.


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Allergies and Pollutants

Anyone who may have allergies in your home can be strongly affected by Dirty carpets. Babies and children as well as the elderly are often affected the most. Their immune systems are weaker and don’t have the same capacity to rid allergens. Did you know that with regular carpet cleaning allergens can be removed easier with regular vacuuming? It’s true.

Pet Odor Prevention

Have you ever wondered why some homes smell more like pets and dander than others? It might be because of their carpets. Most homeowners don’t want to admit that their carpets can really create a steak. We come in with an unbiased nose to sniff out your carpets and get them clean, like new. Whether you have pets or children we are the right choice for your carpet needs.
Carpet Cleaning Delray Beach
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