Finally, The Deep Clean You've Been Waiting For
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Detailed Cleaning Boca Raton

Sometimes you just need a little extra help to get your whole home sparkling clean. We specialize in whole-home detailed cleaning services to get into the spaces that have long been forgotten about.

Top to Bottom Dusting

We bet there are some areas of your home that have been neglected. Maybe you’ve been working a lot and haven’t had the time to clean. Or you would rather spend your time doing chores that are more fun. Our specialists will duty your home from ceiling to floor, leaving no space untouched.


Our dusting professionals get on top of fans and shelves, behind TVs or end tables. Dust is no match for our team and we are happy to take your place during these laborious tasks. One tip we learned from our friends at Louisville house cleaning services is to always start out with clean materials to get the best results possible! Call today for a free quote! 




Kitchen Cleaning

Let’s face it, kitchens are the center of your home and they certainly get a lot of foot traffic. Not to mention the amount of grease that builds up on every surface.  We want you to have a clean and sanitary kitchen so that your family is safe and healthy. Your guests will even be impressed by the sparkling cabinets and polished floor. We also work with a pest control company to learn about tips and tricks of how to clean up after pest infestations or other hazardous materials.


Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms can harbor the nastiest of bacteria. Did you know that just by leaving the lid open when you flush the toilet, bacteria flies out and lands on every surface? Our cleaning specialists will get to every little crevice and steam clean your floors, so no area is left untouched. Don’t go another day without calling us for a deep bathroom clean.

Bedroom Cleaning

The place you slumber should always be fresh and smell heavenly. Unfortunately, our bedrooms are often forgotten about when it comes to cleaning. We  offer carpet cleaning, dusting and stain removal if necessary to get your carpets sparkling clean. When was the last time you cleaned and dusted under your bed in your Boca Raton home? Our professionals get under and behind your bed so that no dust gets past us!

Mirrors, Windows & Baseboards

Often forgotten are mirrors, windows and baseboards. These areas collect dust and fingerprints, but are often forgotten about during a standard cleaning. If you have kids or pets, you will want to clean these more often. Little hand prints and a dog’s licks can cause unsightly marks on your surfaces. Call us today for an estimate.