Upholstery is the cushion, padding, and fabrics attached to the frameworks of furniture. Upholstery is a professional craft that requires knowing different technics of stitches to adopt and the form of foam to install. The cleaning of upholstery is, therefore, requires a professional task. However, how often should you call on professionals to get your upholstery cleaned?

There are no straight or generalized answers to how often your upholstery should be cleaned by professionals. The number of times it requires to clean your upholstery professionally depends on certain factors. The followings show how often you should get your upholstery cleaned and the factors that might warrant it:

Three to four time in a year

If you have kids or pets and they live with you, they will most likely bring in dirt from outside; this stains your upholstery. Children, for instance, horse around; they jump on couches and leaves crumbs behind as spots. The spots are most likely tramped upon, going into the fabrics of your upholstery and giving it a stain. If you notice such patterns of behavior from your kids, pets, or any of your cohabitants, then you should call in professionals to clean up your upholstery at least three to four times a year.

Twice a year

Your room most likely carries allergens in its air. The allergens are usually trapped in the fabrics of the upholstery. However, any strong pressure on the upholstery can release these substances back into your atmosphere, thereby making them an active agent. Also, some of these allergens can still be active even while trapped or on the surface of your upholstery.

If you notice any allergic reaction in your house, and you are probably wondering where it is coming from, it might be your upholstery has been converted into a health risk item. You should probably get your upholstery cleaned by professionals at least twice a year.

Once a year

If you don’t have kids, pets, and if either you or any of your cohabitants are not allergic, you still need to get your upholstery cleaned at least once a year. For once, the couch is a beehive of activities; the dust or debris are usually gets stuck on upholstery’s surfaces. Overtime, these spots become stain and difficult to remove. It is easier to dust, wax or vacuum your furniture with a smooth surface, but the same can’t be said for your upholstered furniture. As emphasized above, there is a difference between regular cleaning of your upholstery and deep cleaning; while the former can be included in your usual house chore, the latter must be scheduled and handled by a professional. The purpose of having the cleaning of your upholstery scheduled is beyond keeping it as aesthetic as possible but also ensuring an aura of a healthy atmosphere. However, avoid over cleaning as this might easily worm out the fabrics or leather of your upholstery.