South Inlet Park is indeed a lovely parkland with all the necessities for a week at the beach. The beach is protected and rationed parking is obtainable. A boardwalk, picnic pavilions, and a playground that runs via the grapes and sea oats and grapes are also available on this site. There’s also a jetty for catching fish.

South Inlet Park is a big favorite that is off the beaten path. The tranquil inlet is seldom busy and provides a calm fishing environment from the jetty or shore, and an outdoor shower, restrooms, beach, and a small picnic area.

South Inlet Park is a popular hangout for locals. It is seldom busy and allows fishing from the jetty or shoreline; it’s calm and secluded, and there’s enough to see! Everyone likes to stare at the boats that come out and in all day, and it’s an excellent location to see biodiversity even as you relax and fish. You won’t be lonely, and everybody in the inlet is nice. 

This campground has a great beach for families to relax on while you go fishing in the vicinity, and it’s easy to persuade them to go by hiding your rod beneath your sheets and surprising them as you unpack the vehicle. (It always works)

Another fantastic spot for “mullet pilchard” bait is Boca Inlet. Moonfish, snook, snapper, and jacks can be found anywhere along the sea wall and jetty. In this place, you can capture any type of marine fish; it’s simply a case of what’s eating your bait.

Mullets can be seen inside the lagoon entrance and also on the viaduct region’s inner. Recent visitors described it as a terrific little hidden site for fishing, diving, and snorkeling, as well as a lovely place to view the dusk. Because of the tranquil setting, several individuals prefer this length of beachfront to their poolside.

From here, you may ride a jet ski out into greater depths via the Boca Raton entrance. Those inlet rock hurdles entice exceptional sea life effortlessly seen while freediving. This is a modest, private spot where you can do some fishing from the jetty or the shoreline. Find a decent, soft piece of sand to relax a bit from riding the tides in the entrance for watersports enthusiasts.

The park is roughly five miles southeast of central Boca Raton area. The park opens from dawn to dusk every day. During the week, on-site parking charges $3 every hour, while on weekends and vacations, it costs $4 every hour.

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